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Grohl Gets Bored, Becomes Even More Awesome In The Process

Taking a break from new singles week, here’s some nifty news from the Foo Fighters. They have announced a competition (details here) for a lucky fan to have them play inside their garage, with 50 of their friends. Unfortunately they’re only up for grabs in the U.S., but still, how awesome is that?!

I wonder whether Dave Grohl is actually just bored with playing sold-out shows in stadiums. This comes after the band announced disaster relief shows in New Zealand and Australia at a whopping six days notice, which, by the way, was awesome of them. If only we could all fly around the world to play sold-out shows at six days notice one week, and then play a gig in someone’s garage the next.

To quote Flight of the Conchords, “you’re a legend Dave.”


Also released this week…

Noah And The Whale have also released a new album! Here’s the first single off the album, called L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N., which was actually released a few weeks ago.

For those who know them, it should remind you of their older material. For those who don’t know you their old stuff, they may remind you of Mumford and Sons. For those who don’t know Mumford and Sons, where on earth have you been the past year?

For those you of who have not been on earth in the past year, I apologise that the previous sentence was so rude. Welcome back.

The Strokes Are Baaaaack

After five years, former Gods of hipsterdom The Strokes have returned! Their new album, entitled Angles, was released yesterday, along with the official video for the first single off the album, Under Cover of Darkness. So here it is! Personally, I really like this song. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the rest of the album, but hopefully it’s just as good.

Several fantastic bands actually released albums this week, so I will hopefully feature a few of them over the next few days. Stay tuned for more!

Just when you thought you’d gotten rid of me…

After a lengthy absence, MyFavouriteAccident is back! To my great surprise, the musical world did actually continue while I was gone. There were albums released, gigs announced, awards dished out, and most importantly, misinformed rage spread rampant across the internet. My personal favourite, for anyone who missed it, was WhoIsArcadeFire?, a delightful little splash of post-grammys irony.

Anyway, welcome back. I thought we could kick off the year with some ukelele. Here is Jake Shimabukuro, who seems to be some sort of ukelele genius, playing a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. “Whaaaaaattt”, I hear you ask. Well, just listen, it’s really, and I mean really, impressive.


Last one out please switch off the lights…

As you may have ascertained from it’s cryptic title, this post will be the last one for a while. Myfavouriteaccident will be on temporary hiatus for the summer, as I am off to Africa (?!?!?!). For those that actually care, which I realise is a rather small number, rest assured knowing the the blog will return next year in some shape or form.

In the mean time, watch this.

I’m not a huge fan of rap, I enjoy it occasionally, but I really enjoyed this. It’s essentially Jay Z’s book launch, but it’s a hell of a lot more than just a two hour long promo. In the video, Jay Z talks a lot about rap as an art form, how it developed, and what it is, and should be, at it’s core. He talks a lot about the importance of context in rap, and indeed, in any form of narrative. He came across to me as incredibly intelligent, and what he said gave me a whole new perspective on Jay Z, and on rap music in general. It will destroy your bandwidth, but it’s well worth a watch.

Here’s the link (this will take you to a two minute excerpt, but you can watch the full version from there). www.fora.tv – Jay-Z on the Importance of Context in Hip-Hop

Right, that’s it from me, I’m off to Africa.

Later skaters.

East Coast Blues Fest Lineup Leaks – Turns Out To Be Incredible

Today the lineup for East Coast Blues Fest in Byron Bay, NSW, leaked early. I have only three words; its fucking amazing. Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, and B.B. King co-headline to provide what must be the final reunion of the nearly dead iconic musical legends club. The rest of the lineup is equally impressive, with Ben Harper playing with two bands! Two! That man is incredible. AND it falls right in the middle of university holidays. AND it’s the weekend of my birthday, how exciting is that?

The full lineup can be perused at your leisure here.

If you’re not impressed, we’re not friends anymore. I joke, of course we are, but ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?!

I’m going, who’s coming with?

From The I-Should-Be-Studying-But-Just-Had-To-Share-This File

Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn has revealed that he is working on a new album with Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, Flea. As a fan of both bands, this is excellent news.

Somewhat perplexingly, Stuff.co.nz seem to have broken the news (although I hardly imagine it was a state secret). However, that particular interview is ridiculously long and full of all manner of other crap, so here is where I read this glorious announcement.

Happy Thursday kids.

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